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20 July 2016 @ 12:55 am
Fic: So Many Maybes (Damon/Elena)  
Title: So Many Maybes
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Characters: Damon/Elena
Prompt: #011 escapes
Word Count: 341
Rating: PG
Summary: Each time they meet, she can feel his hold tightening on her just a little bit more.
Notes: Written for 50scenes. 9/10/12.

She escapes his grip, only barely. Each time they meet, she can feel his hold tightening on her just a little bit more. His fingers singe her skin. It has gotten to the point that she would not be surprised if their next contact results in her falling to the very bottom of the pit and landing in there with him.

She’s not sure if that’d be a bad thing or if he’s grown past his selfish, childish acts enough that it could work out. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe he’s exactly what she needs, just as he seems to think she’s what he needs.

Maybe. So many maybes.

That’s all her life is made of up these days. Maybe she’ll have a normal day to herself. Maybe a vampire will attack her on the walk home. Maybe a werewolf. Maybe she’ll be hit by a car. Maybe she’ll die and become a vampire one day. Maybe Stefan or Damon will be the one to turn her, and maybe she’ll spend the rest of eternity hating them for it.

Then again, maybe not.

It’s stupid, she realises, to wonder when the options are so varied. There are too many options to find the answer immediately, just as there are too few answers being given freely to her. For every piece of information she learns about the supernatural, she pays a price. That price is never known til it comes time to pay.

She’s already paid so much.

And then there’s Damon. With his alluring smile and piercing blue eyes, his dark hair and his athletic form. His strength. His passion. His cocky attitude, and snarky comments.

His hands.

He grips her tighter each time they cross paths, and unlike the first few times, she no longer resists. She waits and sees what he will do to her, but she doesn’t pull away, doesn’t try to escape him. And she’s certain, without a doubt, that he can sense how much she no longer cares if he finally ensnares her heart.