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17 September 2016 @ 04:02 am
Fic: What the Mind Can’t Fix (Sam/River)  
Title: What the Mind Can’t Fix
Fandom: Firefly/Supernatural
Characters: Sam/River
Prompt: Coward
Word Count: 278
Rating: PG
Summary: River fell to her knees.
Notes: Written for 10_hurt_comfort. 6/6/14.

River fell to her knees. The ground hit her hard; little pebbles pressed into her flesh and made her cry out. She fell the rest of the way to the ground, became a useless pile of human flesh. She could see Sam across the road, shooting at the demon that she hadn’t been able to face. The muscles in his arms bulged as the shotgun fired, and fired again and again.

She couldn’t help him. She wanted to, but she couldn’t make herself move. The part of her that was a weapon had retired, leaving only fear in its place. Fear that Sam wouldn't be able to kill the demon, either. Fear that this would be the demon that ended them both.

River swallowed. Running fingers through her hair, her eyes closed, she tried to find the weapon inside of her and bring it out once more. The weapon didn’t listen to her pleas. It left her alone to listen as the shotgun stopped firing and Sam groaned in pain.

She watched, her limbs a limp tangle, as the demon struck Sam and blood gushed from his chest. “Coward,” she said to herself. “The body’s broken. The mind can’t fix.”

A loud snap made her whimper. Sam crumpled to the ground. He was still trying, still fighting. But he was going to lose. She knew it. And, though she knew she had it in her, that if she really tried she could get the weapon inside of her to come out and play, instead she watched in horror as the demon took a last strike at Sam.

The demon turned toward her when it was done. River screamed.