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sure. fine. whatever.

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xfirefly9x's fic archive
Here lies the fic of xfirefly9x. Enjoy your stay! These links may be of use:

tags - all fandoms, ships, and characters can be found in the tags
fanfic requests - I take requests, though note that I'm a uni student and often busy, so it may take awhile for me to complete and post your request!
fanfiction.net - if you prefer to read fics there
affiliates - communities I run, and some of my friends
This is a community for the posting of fictional works and discussion of fictional television shows. No material should be interpreted as soliciting or encouraging illegal activity. Posts to this community that describe illegal activity in the context of fictional or analytic writing should not be construed as expressing interest, soliciting or encouraging illegal activity. The act of posting to, friending or becoming a member of this community should not be construed as the expression of interest, solicitation or encouragement of illegal activity. This community opposes and condemns illegal activity, does not encourage illegal activity and is not and will not be used in furtherance of any illegal activity.

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2 broke girls, 24, 30 rock, alias, almost heroes, angel, animorphs, avengers, back to you, battlestar galactica, being erica, better off ted, big bang theory, bionic woman, blind justice, blood ties, body of proof, bones, breaking bad, brimstone, buffy the vampire slayer, caprica, captain america, cardcaptor sakura, castle, charmed, chuck, community, continuum, cougar town, coupling, covert affairs, criminal minds, crossing jordan, csi ny, daria, dark angel, dark blue, demons, dexter, doctor who, dollhouse, dr horrible, dresden files, drop dead diva, eastwick, eli stone, eureka, fairly legal, fallen, farscape, fic, firefly, friends, ghost whisperer, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, grimm, harry potter, haunted, haven, heroes, hex, himym, house md, hunger games, iron man, jake 2.0, jericho, john doe, kyle xy, legend of neil, legend of the seeker, leverage, lie to me, life unexpected, lone gunmen, lost girl, macgyver, mal/inara, matt bomer, melissa & joey, merlin, moonlight, moonlighting, morena baccarin, nathan fillion, ncis, new girl, nikita, no ordinary family, once upon a time, outsourced, point pleasant, primeval, psych, pushing daisies, queer as folk, reaper, remington steele, revenge, rizzoli & isles, robin hood, roswell, royal pains, sanctuary, saving hope, sherlock, sliders, smallville, standoff, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, supernatural, switched at birth, syfy's alice, the big bang theory, the cape, the dead zone, the guild, the listener, the mentalist, the practice, the x files, thor, tin man, torchwood, traveler, tru calling, true blood, tscc, v, valentine, vampire diaries, veritas the quest, veronica mars, warehouse 13, white collar, wilay, without a trace, wonderfalls, writing